Saturday, 18 June 2011

An example of a CSR question for Morrison's

To What Extent Does Morrison Take CSR as a Priority?

This is an example of one of the questions me and my friends did to practice for the Unit 4 examination of Edexcel Business Studies. It is an example of a CSR question,that might potentially come up.The question has been analyzed,with references to knowledge marks, evaluation marks as well as the comment on the conclusion.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Marked examples

Hi guys!

I wanted to announce, that I will be publishing an example of a model answer to Business Studies Unit 4a for a January 2011. Hopefully, I want to be able to publish it within the next two hours. It will be simply, January 2011 done by someone and marked by me. I want to do this, primarily because I believe a lot of people do not have to technique for the examination correct.

A lot of the times, I have seen that in Business Studies it's not that we don't know the subject matter but rather we don't know how to say it in a way that the examiner will be able to give this marks for. So, without much further do I hope to be giving you some invaluable resources that will help you in preparation for Business Studies unit 4a.


You know something, what I don't understand is why people make money off of selling books. Primarily because, the knowledge that they write into these books were given to them by someone else free of charge. When Michael Faraday invented and theorized the ideals behind electromagnets, he wanted to do so so that it could benefit humanity not so that he can make loads of money off of it.

And that is in fact, what knowledge really is. I mean we only discover what has already been created, and therefore we do not really create anything we simply find something out from the laws of nature. So, should people really be making money off of knowledge when there should be a completely free alternative to everything at every level and in every qualification?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Boardworks A2 Physics

Hi guys!

If any of you guys have access to the boardworks A2 Physics powerpoints, can you please send them to me?

My e-mail is

Predicted Question and answer for Morrisons

Compare Organic and Inorganic Growth for Morrisons - Technique for 4a

Hey guys, me and two of my friends were predicting questions for Morrisons, and one of them asked me to go over the exact technique required for answering these sorts of questions. So, I have uploaded a document explaining the technique for Morrisons.

Hope this helps you all! Smile

Monday, 6 June 2011

Business Studies Unit 3–International Business Audio Conference


An audio conference will be hosted by me, on Business Studies Unit 3 (International Business for A2). The conference already has 3 members signed up, so if you would like to join, please send mail to the following e-mail address, with your grades, and if you have a Skype account then your Skype account please.

The conference will be held on Skype, and once you have sent me mail, I will keep you update on the specifics. However, if you would like to join the conference, then please hurry as the conference is limited to 8 people only. If there are more than 5 applicants, then I am afraid that we will have to chose the people with the best grades to join the conversation.

In this conference we will go over every single Business Studies Unit 3 paper as well as go over the core theory. Furthermore, we will mark each other’s papers and get all our techniques right. The sessions will be VERY long, perhaps longer than 4 hours, so you are going to have to be prepared to give a lot of time to this, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Just a re-cap over the information:

  1. You will need the following:
    1. An e-mail
    2. A registered Skype account
    3. My Unit 3 Business Studies notes (if you do not have it, click on the bold text)
    4. All Business Studies Unit 3 past paper questions so far
    5. An internet connection that has more than 386 Kbps
    6. A microphone
  2. You will have to do the following to join the conference:
    1. Send mail to my e-mail account saying that you want to join.
    2. Add me on Skype, or I add you! Winking smile
    3. Wait for further instructions as to when the conference will start.

I myself am joining the conference along with my friends who aided me in making the Morrisons Business Studies Case Study.

MEETING WILL BE HELD ON 8th and 9th of this month, at 11:00 AM GMT

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chemistry Conference on the Alternative to Practical

Hi there! Open-mouthed smile

I just wanted to announce that if anyone is interested in a chemistry conference with me, to discuss questions and answers to chemistry practicals and what usually comes up, then please join me by e-mailing, and I will give you my skype username! Smile

We can discuss Chemistry in general, go over tests and reactions as well as discuss about possible questions in Chemistry paper 4 and Chemistry paper 5.

So, if anyone is interested, we can have a nice and long convo over skype, and it will be beneficial to all the people that join! Smile

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