Why start this blog?

It has been a long time, since I started the blog, and my sole intention was to help people understand, appreciate as well as avail the technology that is available to them.
I believe that software and the internet are powerful tools, which can aid us in our endeavour to become more efficient students.
I feel that with the help of websites, we can broaden our knowledge, share as well as collaborate in the making of resources.
The blog that I am making, and working hard to expand with encompass a wide range of resources that can help the average student become better at what he/she does.
That is why I deeply value your feedback; I want to help you with all the resources available, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and educational websites. But in order for me to continue providing the service that I am now, I need to hear more from you!
So, any and all feedback would be very helpful, so that I can give you exactly what you want!