Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Google wave

One of the great things about google, is that it gets products out to the normal people. They are often simple and really great to use. Say Gmail, a great too, ZERO spam and a very simple yet very effective interface.

Now google, revealed something really stunning in I/O, that I have recently started to use. Its called google wave, and its google's idea of a 'revolutionary' new way to communicate.

The image is copyright of google:
Now, I have been using it for quite some time now. Its a great product believe me, it is an integrated chat interface with e-mail like qualities, all in real time. Its still not fully functional yet, it does not even have an options menu operational. But, it is something that will surely rival microsoft's sharepoint.

Now the idea is simply: to work together without needing to ever go to each other's houses. I also have belief that it will be quite good fore slow connections as it is written in HTML 5 and not flash.

The things you can do

What cant you do???

This sleek new product has great potential. You can collaborate projects in real time, meaning u can work on the same document or presentation file at the same time, and in real time, you can see what your friends are doing. But how fast it is updated all depends on your  internet speed.

Although the interface takes a while to get used to, it seems seemless after the first few visits. The UI is still in the works, but it seems very well done, just needs to work out the bugs.

So if you have projects to do with you friends, and dont want to or cant go to their houses, you dont need to. If you have a 512 kbps connection, it'll be be like they are there.

It has a nice brainstorm app, that allow you to make drawings, and plans and share them all in real time. Infact, I see this becoming a great tool for tablets.

It works fine with all browsers, although I would encourage people not to use IE8. Firefox runs it superbly.

However, it does seem a little has some codes that need fixing, and it needs more extensions and customisations, which will eventually come.

Coming back to the great features, it has a great spell checker, that searches the web to get the right word, in the context of wat you type. So good infact, that if you turn it to auto, you wont even notice a problem with your spelling, and for me I had no typos.

The idea behind it all is to make working 2gether easier. You can request a free account at this website:
Google Wave

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Opera released a monster of a web-browser recently. Amazingly fast, check it out here: HERE

The only thing missing is a good ad-block add on