Saturday, 3 September 2011

BookBoon–Freeing Knowledge

Hi you guys!

I just want to promote a site, that I believe pave the way for the future of books and knowledge. Wikipedia revolutionized the way in which we learn and understand things.

Bookboon provides 500 books that have information on a large variety of issues. Everything from operating Microsoft Office to tackling issues of climate change is discussed. All you need to do is give the site your e-mail (give them one that you never use), and you can download the book.

They are all writer by professionals and the books are sponsored by companies through advertisements. If people catch onto this, and publish their own books via bookboon, I believe it will revolutionize the way in which we read and learn. First it was Wikipedia, then it was Khanacademy, and I believe bookboon will also help in making knowledge more free. Lets all support it.

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